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Olivia Arellano, originally from Mexico has lived in Italy, France, Switzerland, and the U.S.

Her culturally rich and artistic background has allowed her to travel and gain a perspective on a variety of cultures, languages, fashion and art on a global scale. Her Art History and Liberal Arts studies, paired with her professional experience in Hospitality, Marketing, and Music industries all contributed to the foundation of Reloveler. Visiting couture houses in Paris has influenced her way   Her fascination for Fashion and Art, continues to be the inspiration for new designs, from the sketching of fabrics, to the actual creation of the garment, Olivia saw the opportunity to bring an imaginative, fashion-forward concept to aprons; creating and defining an entirely new category of aprons.


After a lifetime of eating out and feeling overall burnt out and sick, Olivia chose to do a complete lifestyle change from the inside out, meaning educating herself on health, nutrition, cooking, and overall wellness. From this she started discovering a whole new world of food as medicine, therefore dedicating more time to cooking for her friends and family….through this new craft, her attention was directed towards the apron, an essential accessory that had not yet been developed aesthetically. She envisioned a certain type of apron that she couldn’t’ find, therefore starting Reloveler Aprons.